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The ground I’m on

This ground we walk on….The dynamic soil of life that seems too often packed firm by tears, weariness and loneliness. It’s compressed by the falling down and getting back up before we’ve even had breakfast, dyslexia, a dad that isn’t engaged, decisions for future plans, too many no answers when Mama would love to say yes. It’s subsequently softened by silly jokes and laughter, tender touches and moments so good we ask God to burn them in to our heart’s memory forever. It’s the fierce heart in me that wants to soften the world around me and the dirt beneath us….This ugly and beautiful, messy and raw, joyful and graceful ground we stand on.

It’s the million fragments of a broken and beautiful life that are pieced together in to a holy existence. It is holy. Set apart. This ground, this time, this family. We are set apart by God and right in the middle of Him. The hard is beautiful in the shaping of character and souls…. Seeing the fragments of pain and struggle, triumph and love move in to stunning masterpieces a bit at a time.

I don’t get to see the masterpieces yet. I have no idea what He’s crafting. But I’m co-creating with him in this holy space and time. It’s His and it’s good….So I am here today, trusting and living full on this dynamic ground.




About Erika Chowning

God-crazy, and sometimes just a bit crazy, I'm in awe of the beauty and glory this life offers. I am a Masters Level Practictioner of Splankna Therapy, which is a mind-body-spirit therapy model. I'm a currently single mama to three beautiful souls, and I love to be in the middle of God's creation, adventuring and exploring, laughing, dancing, playing and whatever else fun I can find. I'm a believer that life is rich when we become aware of the little moments placed before us and embrace them fully-the joy, sorrow, beauty, love and pain. Life is so short to be too serious, but there is so much devastating brokenness all around us that feels crushing. My writing is about a journey into wholeness and restoration. For me, you and those around us. So won't you join me in diving into our experiences and hearts? Feel free to share a thought or many, and please, please, love those you're with.

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